How to make a better Revision-Friendly Environment

When you have got a teenager in school, the looming examinations can make summer and spring daunting seasons for you both. The support provided by parents at this time can be essential for a student’s achievements, yet it is hard to know exactly when or how you can get involved in your child’s revision process. We have put together a guide full of pointers to help you assist your children succeed this examinations season.

1. Create a good study space-

A student’s desk is where they spend the majority of their revision period, so investing in a decent study area is worthwhile. The greatest study desks are large, uncluttered and clean, properly lit, and well-stocked with all the revision essentials. A current study showed that sprucing up a plain desk with flowers and plants could increase productivity by up to 15 percent, so consider buying one for your children desk if they do not have one already. A low-maintenance cactus might be a fine place to start.

Revision-Friendly Environment

2. Promote healthy food-

Under stress the human body naturally craves sugary and carbohydrates foods, yet intensive studying and brain activity needs the chemicals and vitamins found in healthier foods such as blueberries, oily fish, and broccoli and pumpkin seeds. If it’s a struggle to get your children to eat these food types, try supplement with some sweeter snacks.  Treats like apples, berries and even dark chocolate have also been proven to enhance concentration and memory.

Also memorize that drinking healthily can be as significant as eating healthily. Ensure your kid is drinking plenty of water to fuel their brain, and steer them away from various caffeinated drinks.

3. Let them teach you-

If you do not know anything about your children favourite GCSE subjects and topics, use it to your advantage. A vast revision technique for students is to try and teach material to other people, as this makes them consider about the information in a latest way and aids memorization. Motivate your kids to explain key concepts to you, and problem them with questions. If they can explain a topic so you understand it, chances are they are pretty good at it. If they are struggling to get it across it may need a bit more work.

4. Make sure they’re getting enough sleep-

The undeniable link between memory and sleep formation in the brain means getting sufficient sleep is one of the greatest habits to get into for successful revision. Motivate your kid to get as much sleep as possible in spite of the stress around the exam time. It will develop concentration and revision quality, and assist avoid the vicious circle where a lack of sleep causes a bad day’s work, which then causes another bad night’s sleep. A good rule of thumb is eight hours per night where possible.

5. Encourage beneficial breaks

Taking regular breaks can enhance concentration and memory, and so enhance the quality of revision. Each and every student is different, so your kid should take breaks whenever works excellent for them and for appropriate lengths. Do not force breaks on them, just be understand and supportive that watching one hour of TV is often more helpful for their revision strategy than not having a break at all.

6. Keep the noise down

Although usually an instruction directed at kids, parents too can create distracting noise throughout the day, thus try to keep this to a minimum where possible. Although achieving the environment of a library is unrealistic in home there are easy things you can do decrease the level of noise. Try to follow some strict timetable on when family members can invite round friends and keep the phone-calls and TV at a low volume. After all, you are all in it together.

7. Try productivity apps

And finally, if you would like a tested and tried technological solution, a rising number of students are finding productivity apps to be really helpful to revise their studies.  There are lots of these apps available for free for various phone web browsers and models, and they are designed to assist people stop procrastinating by blocking certain sites or activities for periods of time. These apps are best for students who do not trust themselves to stray from BBC Bitesize into social media, and Make sure for parent’s mind at peace knowing for sure that their kid is not on Instagram or Facebook.

So there you have it – some essential starting points to assist you make sure that your kids are in the best possible atmosphere to prosper and revise.


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