Some Important advantages of Online Tutoring for Students

Internet, Skype, Video conferencing, Team viewer are some of the words associated with the universities as well as schools going students who are internet-savvy these days. All the above mentioned technical word helps a student to gain access or give access to her or his computer remotely by sitting anywhere in the world. This not only means giving access but gaining access through advanced technologies and internet.

Given, the present era of globalization almost all the day to day activities ranging from business to education have been outsourced. When it comes to education several students and professors resort to internet. Gone are the days when we did our assignments using bulk of papers and submitting on time to our college professors or internet. Now a day all the assignments are submitted online by typing it either on MS Word and MS Excel (in case of mathematics assignments).

With the advent of advanced communication technologies and internet various online tutoring and learning companies have come up in numbers. Universities and Students find it easy to approach online experts and online tutoring provider companies by the click of a mouse.

Online Tutoring

So as a mentor, online tutoring is a tough and a challenging chore too. Online tutoring experts should keep themselves abreast with the newest technologies and the online teaching techniques. Since, students need help 24/7 during their examinations they seek help from online experts or online tutoring companies. In order to keep up with the students pace, online tutoring should be user friendly and it should be understandable by the learner and not confusing. In order to make a student understand his problem an online tutor should be flexible and deliver his content clearly and make the student understand what he is delivering.

For example, if a student comes up with a query in Statistics or Mathematics the online tutor should either make use of software’s like Skype or Team viewer to give access to the student to the expert’s computer and show him how to solve a question using either spreadsheet or other advanced mathematical or statistical tools like SAS/ SPSS. This will not only build trust in the learner but also a mutual understanding between the expert and the student thus making the student satisfied and happy.

Making use of advanced internet technologies and software’s like Team viewer, Video conferencing and Skype helps the students to understand the subject or topic clearly and also one of the strategies to market the tutor’s skills online.

Life is becoming busy day by day. People have such tight schedules that it’s impossible to spend time with the loved ones on frequent intervals. An occasion and social obligation only put together family members. Adults have tight plan because of their long working hours but kids too are under pressure kids have their school timings and the educational pressure is so much that kids don’t have time to play. The assignments, the homework, the deadlines are the only things we all have in common nowadays.

Online tutoring help the student breathe a stress free atmosphere. The student can concentrate on the studies well with the assistance of online tutoring. The professional tutors are highly qualified and enable the kid comprehend the subject as many times as it is required.

Due to lack of time, both the parents are usually working and cannot devote much time on their kids. They do crib at the back of the mind but giving the kid proper facilities and care is the top most priority of all. Since they cannot dedicate themselves physically to the kid by taking the kid to the tuition classes and other co related activities, online tutoring has come as a boon in their life. Parents do get worried about the kid when the kid is alone at house or has to go for tuitions to someplace else. Online tutoring proves to be the secured and safest way of receiving education.

The other most important benefit is that the kid saves on commuting time. The weather is always unpredictable and the chaos of traffic on the road is another factor that plays a very important role. The student can learn in the home friendly atmosphere and not bother about reaching the class on time.

Learning with online experts can be fun and a rewarding educational experience for students because online tutoring pedagogy follows the approach of educational coaching. The difference between traditional tutors and academic coaches is that an academic coach focuses on identifying the weaknesses and strengths of each student, and helps the student strengthen his knowledge and method of learning.


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