Some Important Tips to make math easier to understand and Solving word Problems

Several students find concepts of mathematics quite difficult. When they find it difficult to understand, they tend to remember the facts. Mathematics is considered as the language of science. Mathematics subject is different and unique in the sense of its ability of providing expressions in terms of the formulae. Due to this reason, math’s is not as easy as other subjects. But with organized study, we can make mathematics little easier and simpler to understand.


1. Focus on Fundamentals

The mainly common reason of struggle in maths is lack of basic concepts and knowledge. The basic concepts and knowledge of maths must be mastered first. The students should start with arithmetic, algebra and geometry. Once their basic concepts are clear, they should go for other branches of mathematics such as calculus and trigonometry.

2. Refer Different Publications

In order to master mathematics, one should refer more than one textbook for every topic. Students should go through as various books as possible. However, it is quite tricky and in fact impossible to do this for each and every topic, since there are other topics or subjects too for study. But at least, for the topics which you get difficulty, this can be done. Different books have different methods of tackling with examples and problems.

3. Self Study

Self study and analysis are most efficient for mathematics study. The students should first study a topic which they feel easy as compared to others topics and then take though ones. Parent’s or Teacher’s guidance will assist a lot. Self study gives better connections with math. Students may take math assignment help from math experts.

4. Practice Problems

The most significant thing in mathematics is practice. You must try to solve as many questions until you master that kind of questions. Always practice math’s questions by writing; oral practice doesn’t work for this subject. The phrase “practice makes a man perfect” suits well in terms of math.

5. Word Problems Solving Strategies-

Several student’s who struggle when it comes to word problems in math. They might find it hard to change English words into mathematical equations. Here are discussing some easy tips and steps that will assist you solving word problems with ease.

i. Reading Twice: Read the problem correctly. Read it at least two times. Even if you understand it in first time itself, then also you should read it second time. If required, read the problem aloud. This will make you understand the complete meaning of the problem.

ii. Note Down Important Points: Make a note of the following things:
a – Write what is given in the problem.
b – Write what is needed to be calculated and found out.

iii. Determine Method: Next step is to try to find which formula and method is to be applied in the given problem. Make a rough idea in your mind about the way the question should be solved.

iv. Determine Variables and Draw Diagram: If possible, try to sketch a rough image of the problem on a paper. It will give you a proper understanding of the problem and will give you a correct picture of what is needed to be done. Using the image, find the number of variables that are needed for the question. Be ready with the variables that will make an equation out of what is given in problem.

v. Form Equations: Using the variables selected in previous step, try to translate English language given in problem into math’s equations. You must keep in mind that English may be differently stated than the mathematics.

vi. Finding Solution: After getting the right equations, the next step is to solve them with the assistance of appropriate method, formula and mathematical rule. Calculate and try to determine the solution. If you need any suggestion about any mathematical rule and concept, you can take help from online math assignment help experts who are available 24 x 7.

vii. Cross Check the Solution: The last but the most significant step is to cross check the obtained solution. This can be done by substituting your result and values of the variables into the original equation. The obtained solution will be correct if the result satisfies the equations.


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