Some best and worst methods to revise

The first thing to memorize about revision is that there is no wrong way to revise: every student works in a specific way and will, eventually, make their own, individual revision method. Still, although some students may insist that one specific technique works best for them, their results might not show their efforts, and so I have compiled a few things to memorize for when you are preparing for those examinations.

The best ways to revise:

  1. Getting started-

I know from experience and knowledge that when faced with so much revision and only a certain amount of time before the examinations start, it can be a bit confusing knowing where to start. Thus, before you do anything, make a list of all of your subjects or topics, and the topics you are studying below them, for instance: “English: Of Mice and Men, unseen poetry practice, key terms. Geography: rivers, populations, arid areas, globalization”. It is a great way to memorize what you have and have not revised, and it means you can work systematically through each and every subject without getting too confused.

  1. Becoming the educator-

It has been methodically proven that you learn and memorize 90 percent of what you teach to other students, and this is generally appreciated to be the most effective study method If you do not fancy keeping a friend locked in your bedroom for hours on end while you talk to them about what you are learning, try talking to a teddy or a pet. It is just as effective although obviously a teddy or a pet cannot ask questions, so try to look forward to things they might ask – if they could – and solve them at the end.

  1. Exam conditions-

If you are preparing for examination, it is recommended that you try to prepare in examination conditions: it will get you used to the quiet of the examination hall and restricts the amount of distractions available. This works mainly well with past papers: turn your computer and phone off and set yourself the time you would usually have in the exam to finish the paper. If, at the end of the time, you have not completed the paper, then leave it there and add up the marks. You can finish the paper afterwards to examine yourself on all of the problems, but its good practice to see how you’d cope with the time limits imposed during examinations. It might also be helpful to leave a note on your door asking people not to disturb you until the time your practice exams finish.

The worst ways to revise:

  1. Reading is not enough-

Unless you are one of those very few, very lucky students with a photographic memory, then restricting your revision method to just reading through everything is unlikely to work. Yet, it’s this method that is often said to be most popular. Instead, while you are reading through try to highlight the main points, and after you have finished reading small sections go through the highlighted key points and transfer them to flashcards, and then examine yourself on each and every flashcard. Go through them all and do not stop until you can memorize everything you have written down.

  1. Don’t work too hard-

Try to avoid working in long shifts: anything over an hour at a time you will end up forgetting, so break up your revision with regular 10 to 15 minute breaks. During this time grab a snack or a drink, play with your dog, watch some mindless TV, do whatever requirements no thought at all and requires minimal effort. While you are revising try to eat healthily and do some light exercise: you will have loads of energy for the rest of the day and you will stay focused. Finally: stay positive! Do not stress and be happy. It will work wonders for your work ethic.

  1. Cramming

You will memorize around 10 percent of the things you cram in the last hour or thus before the test, so take the time to de-stress, calm down and take your mind off everything. Panicking will lead to forgetting, thus chill out and enjoy you a little. You have worked hard sufficient by this point. Get more methods on Expertsmind.


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