The current trend of education- Online tutoring

Imagine if you could study anytime and anywhere you want… after school or college, after football match gets over, late nights or early morning. Imagine if your studies would not be restricted to a prescribed syllabus and you could learn about anything you want under the sun. Yes all this has been made possible for the learners. It is the world of online education now and we are lucky to be born in this age!

We are talking about the current trend in education industry – online tutoring. It is a platform wherein scholars interact with tutors or experts on the internet enabled computer systems. With the help of voice chats and supporting software, they discuss problems and subjects on the screen, which acts like a white board. It is a real time exchange of data. Best part is the tutors are available twenty four hours online. Therefore whenever a learner has any doubt and problem, be it a night before the exam or test and on the last day of project submission, whatever help he requires is just a mouse-click away.

“I have improve my grades from a C to an A now. This has been possible only because now I can decide upon my own study time and thus concentrate 100 percent. I am not dependent upon fixed home private tuitions”, said Dennis, a seventh grade student. This is right for millions of students across the states of United States. Flexibility of time gives room for doing various things as well. Students are able to balance their studies along with other activities like playing games, extra-curricular activities, adequate sleep etc. Since they are not under any time-pressure, they are able to do better with a free mind.

Online tutoring industry is bustling with various new companies offering variety of educational services online. Some of the established online tutoring companies like Expertsmind and Tutorsglobe are now known to offer high quality guidance not only for K to 12 studies but also pre-college and college or university level studies. Expertsmind also provides test series for standardized test like SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE etc. These online tutoring companies have a pool of tutors from all across the globe who are highly specialized in their subjects like English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Science. In fact, outsourcing to few Asian countries has given a boost to this industry. Since these online tutoring companies also get their services outsourced to Asian countries, they are able to provide such effective and high quality education at as low price.

“No Child Left behind Act”, the recent law passed by the government, has been a thrust towards this direction of boosting online tutoring. The schools and colleges are required to monitor the performance of students from time to time and thus schools and colleges are encouraging additional tuitions sessions. Since the No child left behind act passed in 2001 the schools or colleges that were lagging behind in educational standards have tightened their belts. The law makes these schools or colleges to help the students lagging behind in studies by way of private tutorials which have led to the growth of the online tutoring segment. As several people are enrolling their wards at these online tutoring centers rather than sending them to expensive private tutors.

Apart from basic studies, online tutoring companies are now also giving career planning and counseling sessions to assist the students.

“It has been a blessing for my kid. He is able to learn and grow with online tutoring sessions more than at his school!” says parent of seventh grade student. Online tutoring is indeed a blessing for the quality-starved United States education system. The segment of online tutoring services has seen a boom. And this boom is not only sustainable but it will grow to great heights. Online tutoring is the future of the tomorrow!


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