Techniques to motivate your kids to do their assignment

Homework and assignments is an important tool to help students practice and review what they are being taught in school or college, and therefore helping them in their learning courses. Assignment can also improve student’s growth by helping them to be responsible, do independent work, be organized and manage their time correctly. However, assignment can also be disruptive and problematic to family life by creating parent-child conflict and hindering family obligations. Parents most often complain about poor motivation in their kids as a result of which the kid faces troubles when it comes to assignment. Several parents even seek out the help of a child therapist for motivation Cambridgeshire. Students who are motivated to do assignments by themselves, are consistent in completing it on time, are eager to find out if they have done it properly, respond well when they do, pay attention, and tackle it regardless of the difficulties faced. When students don’t show interest in their homework and assignment or projects, they are described as de-motivated.

Here are some techniques and strategies parents can use to encourage kids to successfully do their homework or assignment on time and on their own.

  1. Right workspace-

Support your child’s efforts to complete their assignment by providing them with the right workspace, with ample lighting, free from any distractions e.g. Mobile, TV, people talking and ensure that necessary supplies, e.g. stationery, are at hand.

  1. Develop a schedule-

Help your kids plan and develop their activities on a weekly and daily basis. Teach them to priorities between assignment, social activities, test preparations, recreational time etc. One benefit of homework and assignment is that it teaches kids time management and organizational skills. Find out the frequency of assignment being given by the educators, and assist your children plan ahead accordingly.

  1. Help your children help themselves-

An assignment is basically given to reinforce what children have learnt previously in school or college. Therefore, encourage students to do it on their own. Discourage the help of an expert. Helping your kids yourself will only increase their dependency on you. Your ambition as a parent should be to support your kid in completing the assignment on their own.

  1. Be encouraging, not critical

You should have a positive approach when it comes to your children’s assignment and homework. Avoid using bribes and criticism to get them to do assignment. Motivate kids with encouragement to take on new challenges with confidence. Give them the feeling of control over their learning and ensure that they feel proud of their accomplishments. If problems arise, come up with solutions.

  1. Praises go a long way

Always memorize to praise your kids for the effort they put into assignment and their attempts to work on their own. Praise independence and effort even if they do not get it right the first time. Frequent praises are likely to encourage Childs to take up more challenges.

  1. Monitor your children’s assignments daily-

By inquiring daily about your kid’s assignment, it will give them and their assignment a sense of significance. You can also encourage kids further by discussing the assignment and homework before they attempt it to ensure that they understand what to do. After the assignment is done, check for accuracy and neatness, and do corrections with your kids accordingly.

7. Give a reward after studying-

Plan on giving a reward after study to your children. The reward does not have to be something that costs money either – it could be playing games and networking on MySpace. Just ensure the reward is something worth studying for.

By encouraging students, you are helping them to achieve their aims. In worst cases, you can use the help of a therapist from Cambridgeshire to motivate students with their assignment. And you can also get help from assignment help and online tutoring sites. Positive motivation gives students the reason to perform and do their best. Healthy motivation from teachers and parents can help children into adulthood, and assist them choose the correct careers towards a successful future.


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