How to make your winter holiday productive

It is an inevitable fact of life that summer vacations are the natural enemy of the British national curriculum. We all know that feeling of returning to school or college in September with a niggling suspicion that the summer sun might have melted away a little of what we learned in June. Fortunately, some students are subject to post-summer assessments.

The same cannot be said, however, for the winter vacations. Although three weeks may not seem like a long time, it is easy to get caught up playing in any snow they might be lucky sufficient to receive, or spending time with that long awaited video game your parents gave you, and totally forget that exams loom on the other side of December.

Whether it is Christmas, Hannukah, Bodhi Day, Yuletide, New Year or Kwanzaa, whatever festivities you are involved in this winter, here are some important and helpful tips for making the most of your free time for study, without missing out on all of the festive fun.

1: Plan-

Step 1: Create a timetable and schedule spanning your time off.

Step 2: Enter any preexisting social commitments, including religious festivals and family visits.

Step 3: Break up your revision load between the remaining days, including exam practice and revisiting the syllabus.

Step 4: Blindly obey your plan.

Step 5: Laugh at how simple it was to get all of those As…

2: Be realistic

As much as we like to believe ourselves when we vow to do at least one past paper on our thus called ‘days off’, not even the straight-A students work twenty four hours each day (more significantly, nobody needs to). Thus telling yourself you will do just one past paper on New Year’s Day achieves two things (neither of which contribute to your revision):

-Putting you behind on your work schedule – those papers will have to be finished sometime.

-Putting needless pressure on yourself to get work done when you should be having fun.

With all the pressure of tests, it is significant not to forget that unlike all the little elves, you are in fact human, and deserve a break once in a while.

3: Reward yourself

Revising during the festive vacations is at least twice as hard as any other time, thus ensure that your rewards are at least twice as better. To restore the yang and yin of your winter vacations, it is time to balance out all of those dusty, dreary books ridden hours with some of the finest revision breaks you will have all year. Made 80 percent on a past exam paper? Time to kick your feet up in front of the fire with a glass of mulled wine and Lint reindeer. Managed to complete all of your class notes for biology? Better get started on that gingerbread house. Just feel that you have lost concentration and need to take five?

4: Team up

One of the worst parts about revising at any time has to replace visits from friends with visits from books and not-so-entertaining-but-mildly-educational YouTube videos. Therefore instead of sulking at home resenting the fact that you did not leave school or college to pursue a career in literally anything which does not require an tutoring, ask a couple of classmates over and revise together. Not only will your revision be improved quality, but you might even discover a Christmas miracle – that you look forward to revision!

Tip 5: Decorate!

A year round revision tip is to stick notes around your home, to permit you to absorb information with negligible effort. But the festivities deserve a little more effort than just pinning a list of verbs to the fridge, do not you think? Why not nestle a few chemical formulae in amongst the mistletoe? Maybe even dangle some of those vital WWII dates from the Bodhi Tree. Gets more tips on Expertsmind.


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