Some important tips about online tutoring for experts

Online tutoring is the latest euphoria in the world of education and is gradually getting a strong foothold in this sector. Information technology has achieved a new height during the last year and online tutoring is one of the best remarkable applications of this state of the art technology. Like any other system in this globe, the conventional education system has also few disadvantages, like

-The number of colleges and schools are still very insufficient in comparison to the total needs.

-The class room teachings are not similarly effective to clarify the requirements of all the students.

-The costs of public and even the private education services are continuously increasing.

-The students, who are dropped outs of college because of various reasons, don’t get a choice to learn from class room teaching, if they want to complete their education and increase their qualification.

All these drawbacks gradually pave the way for online tutoring and even the most reputed universities and colleges in the world are trying to launch the online education system to virtually extend their presence internationally. Online education system has a various unique features for which it is continuously being popular amongst the students and to make this online tutoring system trendy, like conventional education system, the online experts play the most significant role.  To provide tutoring service effectively and to discharge the tasks efficiently, as an online expert, you should follow few easy rules stated below:

1) Technical

The first and foremost thing you should do is to get yourself acquainted with the operation of internet and computer. you should have a excellent typing speed, should know how to use few networking applications like video conferencing, should be well versed in using some useful applications like email, Skype etc. and at the end, you must have a excellent knowledge in using some software like Microsoft Office.

Online tutoring is done by using some software usually called “class room software” which usually comprise of an online chat-box and whiteboard apart from voice tools. The whiteboard has various tools, using which the expert can write and draw figures at the time of explaining the subject to the learners, who is seating on the other side of the online session.

Online tutoring is usually done, either in ‘text mode’ or in ‘voice mode’. In both cases, the proficiency in medium of communication is of utmost significance. Your command in language should be sufficient to communicate your ideas and thoughts clearly to the students.

2) Style of Tutoring

The tutoring method is mainly one-to-one. But after developing proficiency, you may have to deal with two students at the same time, though this situation is very rare and depends upon the demand of a specific online expert. In case of one-to-one tutoring you have to deal with the questions, typically faced by a specific student. There is a unique difference in teaching a student in one-to-one system and class room teaching. In class room teaching usually we take a common approach and use the same technique for describing the subject for all the students at the same time. In one-to-one tutoring you have to change your way of tutoring on the basis of the requirements of a specific student and more significantly on the basis of the receptor mechanism of the student. This means you have to change your method of explanation frequently depending upon the nature of the students.

Another vital point is that, generally in case of online tutoring, students pay the tutoring service provider on an hourly basis. Thus usually they remain conscious about the time that is being taken to learn the topic. In fact the demand of the online tutoring is mainly because; the most of the students don’t get the chance to have individual attention as well as clarification of their doubts in class room teaching. You, as an online tutor or expert, should not forget this important aspect of tutoring. However, you have to be very fast to get the idea how to make the student understand the concept so that his or her costly time doesn’t get wasted. Naturally, your subject knowledge must be good.

Lastly, as an online expert, you basically cross the national boundary and go global. In most of the time you will be tutoring a learner who lives in a different part of the world and belongs to a various culture. At the time of tutoring, you have to be extremely careful about this aspect of your job. You, as an online expert, have to be careful to respect the culture and belief of the students, therefore as to claim their optimum respect as an expert.


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