Proofread your paper in easy steps

Is there such a thing as a perfect exam paper? When you have a system in place, you can do your best to remember everything. From reading it slowly to backwards reading, there are several ways to make your exam paper shine brighter. Although I suggest you develop your own system.

Be an expert tracker Use ‘Track Changes’ to, well, track the changes you create to your exam paper while editing. If you are using Microsoft Word, go to the ‘Review’ tab in your tool bar and click on ‘Track Changes.’ Each and every change you create will be recorded for later review. You can read it in ‘Final,’ ‘Final: Show Markup,’ ‘Original’ and ‘Original: Show Markup.’ Each and every time you read it you can select which version you want to use and what you see every time you read it; you can read a fresh version and the original over and over to see if you can catch the same mistakes double.

Spell check it although spell check programs are not perfect mainly with subject or verb agreement, this step permits you to look at each error your program thinks you made; you either reject or accept the error. It acts as another reader with a unique perspective on your exam paper.

Read it again and again when you provide it an initial read through, read your paper slowly. I strongly suggest reading your exam paper aloud; hearing your written word can assist reveal how things might sound to other readers. This is where “That does not seem correct” could save your marks and credibility. Re-reading it tells you if your exam paper even makes sense, giving you time to review your main key points and confirm that the paper flows. On one of your read-through, read it backwards.

Yes, read it backwards, paragraph by paragraph, line by line, as long as it is not in order. This provides you yet a different perspective on your exam paper. The whole point is to take the paragraphs and sentences out of context thus you can focus on the mechanics of the individual paragraphs and sentences, allowing you to focus on the punctuation and grammar as well as to zero in on usually confused and misspelled words.

You need to give yourself time between readings therefore your mind can reset. Doing so will assist avoid overlooking mistakes as your mind is in a rut; your mind might read something thus many times it remembers it and does not see it as a mistake.

Be a task master since you require taking breaks between readings, it will be necessary that you know where you leave off at each reading. You have use checklist. The list permits you to focus on a singular aspect, punctuation, word, etc. It may look boring, but looking at every apostrophe in your paper, for instance, lets you see if it is correctly used in a contraction or if it is not needed at all. For instance, using the ‘Find’ application in Word, I search for the letter combination to. This permits me to see where I used the letter combination that is included in the word to and too to see if it is used properly.  I then search for the letter combination two and confirm that it is used in the right manner.  I try not to work on the checklist until after I am done reading; if I add various words or make too many changes, I have to start the process over.

Delivering your message and getting your point across is the whole point to writing exam papers and articles. Jumbling words together just as you heard them before and because they sound neat might get you passable marks, but to get the grade you really want, you need to display what you know in a coherent and cohesive fashion. Get some more tips exam paper, essay paper and assignment help online. There are various sites which provide essay writing and assignment help.


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