Get ready for both exams SAT and TOEFL as an international student

Any student who wants to study in the United States will face two exams. The first one, called the TOEFL, is an exam of English language expertise for non-native English language students who want to attend universities or colleges in the America. The second one is known as the SAT test, and is commonly used for both native and non-native English language students for university admissions in U.S.

Several students would call the SAT harder than the TOEFL exam. However, the two exams have some things in common. Global students should be aware of those similarities before they start preparing for them, therefore they can study effectively for both tests TOEFL and SAT.

1. Put effort into building your English vocabulary: For many students, vocabulary is the major challenge on both exams, as if students do not understand the words on the exam; they are not able to get the accurate answers. The TOEFL exam usually requires knowing fewer words than the SAT exam.

In order to acquire a decent score, students will need to prepare to learn English vocabulary, and there is no way to get to that number. You have to put a number of efforts into this part. You have to use flashcards. It is an efficient way to learn a large number of words in a short time.

Tip for the exam is that you have to sorted words into two different categories. For words in the first category, you need to recognize the words and know what they meant. For words in the second category, you have to be fully aware of how to utilize the words and be able to spell them.

The initial level of vocabulary words helped me understand the reading matters, and the second level helped me with the speaking and writing parts. With this technique, I was able to boost my vocabulary quickly.

2. Plan to take the TOEFL test first: It’s always good to start with the simple one. The TOEFL focuses more on language skill, which means that as long as students understand the language, they will be able to get the correct answers.

The SAT requires a certain application of logic to predict the solution. In other words, if students do not have an excellent foundation of the English language, they will have a tough time figuring out what is being asked of them and how to solve.

3. Don’t prepare for both tests at the same time: In my opinion, it would not be a better idea to get ready for both exams at the same time. The SAT is a subject exam that contains various academic terminologies. It requires students to use reading, writing, logic and math skills, which are different from the TOEFL exam.

For example, the SAT usually includes words that would not appear on the TOEFL. Thus, students can put off studying those SAT-particular words while preparing to take the TOEFL.

The writing styles needed for each exam are not similar. The focus for students on the TOEFL writing tasks is to show their skill in English, while the SAT focuses on the reasoning process with appropriate instances. This might puzzle students who are practicing the two writing styles if they decide to prepare both at the similar time.

4. Be mindful of the transition between the SAT and the TOEFL: Starting with preparing for the TOEFL can assist build up students’ foundation of English, mainly when it comes to vocabulary. Students may take the TOEFL various times before they are comfortable with starting SAT exam preparation.

The transition between preparing for the two tests is extremely significant, and students frequently have a tough time adjusting their learning style between the two exams. After the SAT, it is very common to see students come back to take the TOEFL test again and find the test much easier than they used to.

While these tips might assist students who are going to take both the SAT and the TOEFL, the actual key to success in future study as an international student is to enhance your overall English skills. You can get some more tips on Expertsmind.


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