Some important aspects of online tutoring and assignment help

The student and tutor will need to use identical or similar tools on their respective ends to maintain the foster and connection learning. Tutoring has gone from across the desk to around the world; therefore it should be a priority for experts to choose the correct technology for their lessons. Online experts need to choose the correct tool for the job and know when to use it.

Education has gone from “the one-size fits all models resulting in unprepared students to technology-enabled solutions customized for each and every student”. Therefore, most technical savvy students who want assistance with assignment or receive actual instruction might want whistles and bells, but what about those who only know the basics? There are chapters that only require the bare minimum. Believe it or not, there are students who still have flip phones and write in MS Word 93.  Most online tutoring sites use what is already available to the general consumer: Computer, internet connection, Shockwave, webcam, Flash player, whiteboard…beyond the basics, it is the expert’s responsibility to select the correct tool for the job.

Like Eyal Eshed’s advice about designing mobile apps. On Designing Mobile Education Apps, when developing a matter for a tutoring session, there should be a reason, and the technology should fit that purpose. A student that selects to get your educational app has a real purpose – to be better, to enhance, and to get ahead in life, to learn. It’s not only what it looks outside but what it looks inside of the app that matters. Just similar to in any real relationship, the app requires supplying more than just an initial attraction. It requires fostering effective learning and delivering real progress and improvement. It needs to build trust therefore that the student is willing to be led through the learning process.

Refer back to the students who have just started his session with a new expert. The expert attempted to teach the student how to ask for a taxi at a hotel’s front desk, but had complexity illustrating the connection between the word ‘car’ and the concept of a car to the student. The expert can use visual cues with such tools as internet, video and whiteboard to combine pictures and text to illustrate his point tutoring sites will most likely give them, but there are sites that offer whiteboards for use on your own computer [Windows’s Digital Whiteboard]; the video or whiteboard served a purpose. If the expert wanted to incorporate a calculator in that session, it would serve no other purpose but to confuse the student. But what happens when the experts does not have enough tools for the session?

The expert’s next student needs assistance with online tutoring software. Unless the student can see what the expert is talking about by drawings on a whiteboard, the expert will need to incorporate more technology into their session.  Software is not a run-of-the-mill word processing program; it is a little more involved than that.

If the expert doesn’t have the software, how is that learner supposed to learn from that specific expert? As with any other program a student is trying to learn, to teach the aforementioned program it takes knowledge of its basics with its most difficult features; you cannot do either/or without the program. The student would have better luck register for a free trial or moving on to the next expert who has the adequate tools for the job.

Online tutors have taken benefit of technology to make their jobs easier and their services more available to students; the most effective expert is the one who picks the right technology for the job and knows when to use it. As online experts, you need to prepare your session and use the proper tool. As important as it is to select the correct tool for the job, it’s similarly significant to know when it is needed, or not needed.


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