Challenges face by overseas students while studying in the U.S.

The study overseas wave has brought a number of international students to U.S. or America, especially from Asian countries. ​One reason for this, several parents think U.S. has a better education system and that if their kids study in the America, they will have a good future.

But people who just follow the wave and come to the America are lost something. International students’ lives can be extremely different from the lives of students who attend university or college in their home country. The subsequent challenges show the advantages of studying abroad with the disadvantages, which prospective global students should know about before making the decision to study in U.S.

1. International students have to be more independent from family: Living in a brand-new atmosphere is very challenging. Suppose being far away from family and having a cultural differences and language barrier. Those problems are something each single international student must face when first arriving in the Unites States.

The moment when students land at the airport, it is all upon them. There is nothing their parents can do to assist them if they run into problem, because various parents of international students – mainly those from other country – don’t speak English. Some of them have also never been to the U.S. and so cannot offer any realistic suggestions if their kids run into trouble. In such an atmosphere, international students are forced to face problems by themselves and gradually become independent from their family.

Students who stay in their home country for university or college have been in a pattern of telling their parents whenever they have issues, since parents are more knowledgeable. Probable, they would have more connection with their family and therefore be less independent. ​

2. The range of academic difficulty is large at U.S. colleges, as things start simple and get harder: Some people might think that international students, mainly from Asian countries, are able to dominate university or college courses in science and the math, since many learned much harder concepts and ideas back home. That might be real in the first few times, but in my knowledge, the content gets harder and harder very quickly​in the U.S.

The basic knowledge in these subjects is typically simple for international students from these countries, because most of it was covered in school before they came to the America However, when the content gets to a more advanced level, international students may have problem. At that time, a language barrier might become a big problem.

In contrast, students studying in their home country would be better placed, as they can continue learning where they left off in school. In other words, students in their home country would feel more relaxed with the progression of educational difficulty.

3. International students are likely to be exposed to new experiences: International students are not coming all the way from their homeland to U.S. to easily get a degree or certificate. More importantly, they are looking to get the ability to live in anywhere in the world.

For instance, people who know two languages are frequently more able to easily learn a third language. During their time studying overseas, students stumble upon people with different cultural backgrounds, and witness how diverse it is in America, where different cultures are respected. Therefore, international students are frequently more open to accepting new things.

4. Being an international student can be lonely: I know international students who speak English so well that students probably cannot tell that student is not a native – but often those international students still feel uncomfortable about being in a new place.

It is very tough to change the cultural and personal values they hold deep inside their hearts. International students can experience permanently alien – they come from another country and all they can do is to adapt to this new atmosphere. That can drag us to loneliness sometimes.

So, students studying in their home country would not necessarily be as lonely, as they grew up in the atmosphere and will not feel as out of place. Get some more useful tips for overseas students at Expertsmind.

For various students, these are significant differences between studying in a home country and being an international student in the America Being aware of these changes before you get on a plane is key point to being successful.


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