Some great apps for college students

  1. Evernote

What is Evernote?

This is what I would think to be the “butter and bread” application because it can surely help with any subject and project including non-school related subjects and projects. Evernote at its most initial level is a note taking system that lets users make multiple notebooks and within the notebook, multiple notes. These notes can be produced in three different formats: audio, text, or iSight (visual). This component is very significant as it means you can build content more and faster easily depending on what kind of information and detail you require to memorize. For instance, users could take a photo of an item they need to buy, record audio reminders of significant procedures, or create an easy grocery list; the possibilities are endless! For those who like to hoard data with number of notes do not worry about losing anything in the mess.  The program has a text based search feature and gives notes to be tagged by the person for instant access to the right information and detail. As far as using multiple devices with the program, Evernote’s creators have made the app to be friendly with the Mac, iPad, and iPhone, and wirelessly syncs between them thus users do not have to worry about memorize to connect their iPad or iPhone and update their notes. The Web Clipper characteristic is fully integrated with various web browsers including Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

How it is useful for college students?

The most obvious uses of the program are for class notes, assignments and reminders but as stated before the possibilities are endless. Take class notes on your laptop and study them later on your mobile, optimize your association and never lose data using the textual search feature. Record reminders using the audio notes or take a photo of a book you require for class, with the right class, you may even be able to record lectures.

  1. iStudiez Pro

What is iStudiez Pro?

Specifically designed for students, this app lets people keep track of their class locations, class schedule, contact information for tutors and their office hours, tests, assignments, grading and more. iStudiez Pro has a whole calendar view which displays classes as time chunks in every day and also saves data on the class building therefore you won’t ever run late College Lectures trying to keep in mind which room to go to. The stored contact detail is great for students who need tutoring or just to ask a quick problem; it also holds their email address. Typing assignments into the program is an easy and fast way to make sure you do not forget anything and you can even set up alerts to inform students of upcoming exams or due dates. The grading component is a basic way to compute weighted grades over the course of the semester and updates itself as you input grade information. Like iStudiez Pro, Evernote integrates between the mobile and the computer simply since the app has wireless sync and its own download from the iTunes Stores and App.

  1. iBooks

What is iBooks ?

True to its title, iBooks is an app that allows students to read e-books on their device as well as PDF files and books purchased from the in-app Book Store that has over 200,000 titles. The program has built in Wikipedia and dictionary for simple reference access and you can download any book you require if available using the Book Store feature. When used with the app Voice Over, students can hear the books read aloud while following along with the text which makes for faster, more efficient reading. Finally, iBooks has a simple page navigation feature thus students never lose their place or have to search.

How it is useful for college students?

Reading is an important part of college and with a complete course load it can add up to hours and hours of reading. This app can help reduce the work by letting student’s complete reading on-the-go and assists them read faster with greater retention if they integrate the audio component of the text. In that sense students could even listen to text by itself as extra preparation while walking to class. The Voice Over feature would also be vast for learning languages since students could hear how the language sounds as they read the words. Buying books from the Book Store would save money since e-books are generally cheaper than hard copies and students would never have to worry about availability. Finally, since most tutors are putting reading assignments online as PDFs, the compatibility of the app increases the amount of required reading you can do with iBook’s features.

  1. FlashCardlet

What is FlashCardlet?

Flash cards have always been considered a superb study tool. Personally, I think I have an obsession to them for how many I end up making every year at school. This app is perfect for students because it saves energy and time and still gives the same benefits. Students can make their own flashcards with text, audio, and pictures and move all of the data seamlessly between your mobile and computer. All of this data is kept track of by FlashCardlet thus you can see accurately what you know and what you do not based on which flash cards you marked. Also, there is a textual search feature therefore content is always simple to find and does not get lost in the mess.

How it is useful for college students?

Clearly the application is noticeable since flash cards are good way to study. It is true this way does not work for all students; they say they require sounds or pictures. But, FlashCardlet has all of those things so even for auditory or visual learners this software helps them convert text into knowledge faster. Time is everything in college and there never looks to be enough; this is absolutely more efficient than writing out cards or even printing and typing them. The visual component can be used for remembering pieces of art, certain charts or graphs, or, in the case of language, easy words. The audio component simply applies to language and music classes but there are several ways to use it. And of course, this permits you to study wherever you go, without having to take the cards around or have any inconvenience at all. You can find some more apps and information on Expertsmind.


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