Some important facts about Online ACT Exam

Beginning in 2015, the ACT will be available to choose high schools in an online format. While the ACT has no current plans to remove its paper exam, the online test is an interesting new development in college admissions exams.

Here is a breakdown of some key points to expect in the online version:

1. School-based administration: Although the ACT is billed as an online test, it will only be available on accepted computers located within schools – and eventually, at monitored exam facilities. In other words, you will not be able to do the ACT from the comfort of your living room at house. Particulars administration information’s are still being determined, including the possibility of multi-day exam when access to approved computers is limited.

2. Interactive elements: Prioritizing problems is a time-honored exam-taking technique. The computerized ACT will make this process even easy with the choice to mark a problem for reconsideration at the end of a session.

You will also be able to strike out individual solution responses for a given problem, much as you might do on a paper test. Unlike a paper exam, however, you will not be forced to scan through a booklet searching for problems to complete or review, as the computer will easily call up a list of such problems.

The largest potential problem for students will be the lack of white space for math questions. When preparing for the ACT, even if you are doing so with a paper practice test, it will be vital to do your calculation work on a separate sheet of paper in order to simulate the real testing conditions. You may be shocked by how much mental effort can be devoted to such a small change in schedule.

3. Essay revision will be simpler: Another significant change involves the written portion of the exam — for those students who select to take it. You will no longer have to plan your essay so meticulously in order to avoid big corrections.

Instead of messily crossing out unnecessary paragraphs or poorly worded, students will be able to revise more neatly and quickly. As an added benefit, several students tend to type faster than they write, thus they may have more time to think and plan – or to fervently rewrite problematic sections.

4. No adaptive testing – yet: Adaptive testing is one main feature that is not currently in use. One of the potential advantages of the computer-based format is the ability to get problems of differing complexity during a session.

In an adaptive test, a student who does well on an initial set of problems would face more difficult items on the next set. Equally, a student who does weakly on the initial problems would then receive easier ones in subsequent sets. This technique allows better distinction between students on the lowest and highest achievement levels.

A top student acing the standard, non-adaptive exam without actual effort might get the same marks as another student who happens to be having the best testing day of her or his life. An adaptive test, however, could permit the top student to really shine by providing her or him with a series of problems to truly demonstrate mastery of a subject. There are clues that the ACT may finally move in this way, but possibly not for long time.

5. Same scoring: According to the ACT, scoring components of the computerized exam will be equal to those of the paper-based test. Your scores will be reported in the same format and within the same time span. You will not get your results any sooner by completing the computer-based test.

Both online and paper versions will have the same portions and the same number of problems. Perhaps significantly, however, the online version will remove the risk of an improperly bubbled exam answer. For those of us who are prone to changing answers, or who have poor-quality erasers, this may be a noticeably important and positive difference.

Don’t wait to discover the details, still. Get ready as you would for the paper ACT – by working hard in your core curriculum rigorously and courses taking practice tests. You can get more information about ACT Exam on Expertsmind.


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