Some tips for high school freshman

Freshman year of your high school is a big transition for students. Several students will move to a new building, meet new kids, take more intense classes, and start seriously thinking about their future. This year sets the stage and helps evaluate student’s success for high school and university. To assist your child going have a low-stress and productive freshman year, here are some points that you can start over the summer.

1. Go to freshman orientation: Several high schools provide a freshman orientation before the school year officially begins. Go! You will learn the layout of the building, rules and get to see the classrooms. If your school does not offer an orientation, see if you can get in the building before the school year starts and take a walk around. Knowing the school a bit is a certain way to decrease first day jitters. High school fresher are notorious for getting lost on campus, assist your child avoid this reputation!

2. Join clubs: If your child plays games, sings in the loved and chorus helping with the middle school year book, encourage them to keep it up. Involved students could start thinking about taking on more leadership and responsibilities in the activities they love. Remember that there are various activities that universities seem to value over others. These include debate and drama, which showcase a student’s ability to think on their feet and portray self confidence.

Have a not-so-involved student? High school is a great period to try something new from drama club to robotics, several schools offer diverse ways to do something other than educational. Check out your school’s site during the summer to see what activities are provided. Share ideas with your child and create a list of what they may be interested in. High school fresher that get involved in campus activities are more likely to make new friends faster and with similar interests as them!

3. Identify your “village”: We all know that it takes a village to explore a great kid – and keep us parents sane. Take a few times this summer to check out who will be in your village for high school. What fellow students can your child lean on if they hit a hard patch? Do you know who your child’s school counselor is? What support services does the school provide for educational support? Take a look at the school site, local PTA site and Facebook page to see what is offered. And know the signs that show your child may require a tutor.

4. Create a study and Assignment Plan: Creating an assignment and study plan with your child is just vital now as it was in middle school. High school frequently brings more assignment and multi-step projects that need some planning and also you get assignment help from online. Assist your child put together a fun calendar that they can manage once the school year starts. We love online calendars, whiteboards, and if you are truly ambitious, chalk board paint for their room is a great fun way to stay organized.

5. Take challenging courses: If your child wants to take AP classes later on, now is the time to work hard and earn better scores. Take a look at your school’s courses for each year of high school and ensure your child is taking the most challenging courses they can and still have success. Keep in mind, a B in an AP class is usually better than an A in a standard class. High school fresh student who push themselves early one, are more probable to be ambitious later in life during the college search and beyond.

6. Relax: Finding time to get sufficient sleep, better food and low-key “hanging-out” is vital too. High school should be fun! If you feel like your child is getting too stressed, surprise them with a movie and game night, take them out for their beloved dessert and go for an outdoor adventure like a hike and bike ride. It will keep everyone feeling enjoying and great this new stage of life.


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