Get Statistics help for better understanding

The ‘Statistics’ may signify data of some sort for the layman but it has a much broader meaning of it. The statistics is a kind of research methodology, which deals with the collection, analysis, presentation and the interpretation of data. It is implementation to a wide variety of academic disciplines, which varies from the natural and the social sciences to government, humanities, and business.

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There are number of statistical techniques and tools available, one being descriptive statistics. Descriptive Statistics is the study of statistics which deals with the techniques of organization, summarization, reduction and presentation of the data in order to make them amenable to rational analysis. The level of complexity of statistical problems varies according to its level. It might range from computation of simple measures such as mean, median and mode to computation of the standard regression results and complicated forecasts making use of time series data. Across all the colleges students are frequently tested on these topics

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