Cognitive skills :Perception and choice

Throughout the book there have been many suggestions, direct and implied, that we have far more choice than we might imagine as to how we interpret and feel about matters which might affect our resilience to stress and our sense of wellbeing. Given that choice of perception is always available to us, it is extraordinary that we so often fail to recognize it, blinded most typically by one or more of our embedded irrational beliefs. So set out below is a table of possibilities for us to attempt a deliberate switch away from our usual knee jerk feelings to something similar but significantly different and less restrictive. Note the intended outcome shown towards the end and have a go at the exercise, being sure to use some real situation and preferably one that is current.

Try this exercise:

Think of a situation you feel anxious or worried about. Work out what irrational demand lies behind your anxiety. Now try to think in terms of concern rather than anxiety and switch the demand to a preference. Depending on the circumstances you should start to feel less self-centred (‘Poor me’) and more solution-centred (‘This is what I’m going to do about it’)

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