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When the economy is tough, companies can tumble into sloppy cash-management applies. Don’t let that happen to you. Attempt exploring these options:

Sweep accounts. These bank accounts are the simplest way to generate some income from your company’s spare finances; on the other hand, they make sense only if the money you’ll gross will be greater than the fees your bank will charge. Business proprietors have two types of sweep accounts to choose among:

• Controlled-investment accounts.
Believe of these as checking accounts by means of the ultimate in zero balances. Every day, your bank will go away only enough in your scrutiny account to cover those checks that were presented the night previous to payment that day. The rest acquires swept, quite early, into overnight assets. “These are the most gainful form of sweep account, but they won’t work for your business if you have any electronic payments or wire transfers, since those may be submitted for imbursement later in the day and your account won’t have sufficient cash in it to cover them,” warns Stephen King.

• End-of-day sweep accounts. A safer bet for nearly all small-business owners, these accounts stay until a late-hour cutoff to conclude how much to sweep into your overnight investments. Characteristically their investment yields are 10 to 20 basis points (.1% to .2% of the investment) lower than those offered with proscribed investments.

Lock-box accounts. A lock box is a cash-management system that aids you collects your funds quickly. in general set up with the help of a big money center or regional bank, lock boxes provide your company with a special zip code and, typically, quicker deliveries from regional post offices. They are in particular important if you have clusters of customers in out-of-state places and don’t want to lose days waiting for their checks to reach your destination by long-distance mail.

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