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Human resource management is a management purpose that helps managers plan, train develop, recruit, select, remunerate and uphold members for an organization.HRM is the most recent nomenclature used to indicate personnel management. (PM).
The idea of human resource management is of moderately recent origin. This does not denote that over the decade’s people in all walks of life have not applied the fundamental philosophy of human resource management. The truth is, it is only in the recent past that a prearranged body of thoughts and most important which holds the developments of human capability as an investment and not cist, has been devised and propagated. Manpower is indisputably the basic resource. It is a crucial means of converting other resources for attainment of organizational objectives.

Human resource management is an integrated plan and planned development procedure for effective utilization of human resource and organization. It is quite a total matching process among Hard S’s (structure, system and strategy) and soft S’s (staff, skill, style and super ordinate objectives).

An increasing number of associations place heavy emphasis on manager’s process abilities in working closely with people of varied background, and in inspiring employees, maintaining morale, gaining commitment, building trust, fostering teamwork, leading innovation and making easy organizational change. Conversely managers are expected to engage in an extensive variety of HRM activities comprise hiring the right person for the right job, inducting and training new employees, assesses and managing the performance of super ordinates, controlling labor costs, managing organizational change and generating a corporate culture, considerate international dimension of organizational behavior and developing abilities in cross-cultural negotiation.
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