End Of Service Life Is Useful For Java developer

As until the end of time told, always keep your software updated. When, our forever enthusiastic Tech Lead Jerry requests for approval from our manager Tom he goes away for a toss. Tom always asks for 10 reasons or benefits of upgrading from version X to Y. “Provide it to me in bulleted points”

When it comes to free of charge software, there might be recurrent short releases. You will be always enticed to upgrade to the latest version available. It is constantly good to do but it is a tradeoff you need to take based on your project plan. But for that you cannot delay software upgrades for ever. You should upgrade as a minimum when there is a major release. You may not feel essential to upgrade from java 1.4.1 to 1.4.2 but you have to upgrade from Java 1.4 to 1.5.

Our intelligent manager goes throughout the release notes and points out, “See there are no aspects or bug patches that we require. There is no requirement for the upgrade”. Being in software business we should appreciate, release notes are not forever comprehensive. There are fine prints like presentation improvement or code refactoring! If you read something like that in release notes then you must understand that the pumpkin is underneath.

Coming to java language, Stay updated with the latest stable version available. Java team approximately ensures backward compatibility, so you require not being worry. In most of the cases, upgrade ought to be a cakewalk. If you are working on a legacy system similar to java 1.2 or some extremely old versions and there is no option of software upgrade, then you can avail commercial support from SUN for products that finished End Of Service Life (EOSL). Even commercial support is available only for around 15 years.

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