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String class will be the acknowledged champion on whichever day by popularity and none will refute that. This is a final class and used to make / operate immutable string literals. It was obtainable from JDK 1.0



Handling of System depends on the kind of project you work on. You may not be using it in your project other than still it is one of the accepted java classes around. This is a usefulness class and cannot be instantiated. Most important uses of this class are right of entry to standard input, output, environment variables, etc. Available since JDK 1.0

Throwable is the super class of every Exception and Error. All abnormal conditions that can be handled come below Exception. NullPointerException is the mainly well-liked among all the exceptions. Exception is at summit of hierarchy of all such exceptions. Accessible since JDK 1.0
An implementation of array data structure. This class implements catalog interface and is the most popular member or java collections framework. Dissimilarity between ArrayList and Vector is one admired topic among the beginners and regularly asked question in java interviews. It was introduced in JDK 1.2

It is an implementation of a key-value pair off data structure. This class implements Map interface. As close to ArrayList vs Vector, we have HashMap vs Hashtable well-liked comparisons. This occurs to be a well-liked collection class that performs as a container for property-value pairs and works as a convey agent flanked by multiple layers of an application. It was introduced in JDK 1.2

It is Great grandfather of all java classes. Each java class is a subclass of Object. It will be used often when we perform on a platform/framework. It contains the important techniques like is equal to, hashcode, replicated, toString, etc. It is available from day one of java (JDK 1.0)

A line is 1 series of performance, where several line can co-exist and discuss sources. We can increase this Thread category and make our own strings. Using Runnable is also another choice. Use of this category is determined by the sector of your program. It is not definitely necessary to develop a regular program. It was available from JDK 1.0

Class is a immediate subclass of Item. There is no constructor in this category and their things are packed in JVM by classloaders. Most of us may not have used it straight but I think its an important category. It is an important category in doing expression. It is available from JDK 1.0

This is used to perform with time frame. Sometimes we think this category should have included more program techniques and we end up developing those. Every business program we make has a time frame program. Presented in JDK 1.0 and later created large changes in JDK1.1 by deprecating a whole lot of techniques.

This is an interface. It is very well-known and came as a replace Enumeration. It is a easy to use comfort program and performs in synchronize with Iterable. It has been around since JDK 1.2

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