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Financing choices of control in interacting with significant aspect with govt companies take up a key place in the economical control of PSUs. At the end of April 1994, the govt financial commitment was standing at 55,683 crore which was about 20 % of the complete financial commitment in PSUs. Some state authorities, financing organizations and lenders, both India and international, have also provided to the financial commitment in these companies. The sources of financing in PSUs have many significant functions. The govt has been the primary provider of both value and lengthy lasting financial debt in PSUs. Inner financing performs a minor aspect as a resource of financing. The banking organizations have offered about 2 % of the complete long-term financial commitment needs.

The financial commitment framework in PSUs is developed on the basis of 1:1 financial debt value mix recommended by the govt of Indian in 1961. Such a mix has been emphatically compared by the PUSs professionals. The panel on community tasks and the management changes commission payment given their assistance to the argument of professionals. Those who assistance the govt policy dispute that distinguishing between value and loans is negligible in the case of PSUs, as both the results and interest are transfer access. Public companies for a long-time were not authorized to strategy the financial commitment industry to increase cash through the flotation of debentures, community remains and other investments. Child motor scooters India restricted was authorized to offer in 1975 a aspect of its value to the community at large. Almost 30 years ago, PSUs were allowed to strategy the financial commitment industry to muster cash through community remains. On April 31, 2003 PSUs had brought up 21,017 crore through this resource. Between 1984-85 and 1988-89 they were authorized to increase long-term resources through he flotation of non-convertible 7-year redeemable debentures which established an aspect of the resources brought up through financial commitment industry.

During the 6th plan interval some community companies were given authorization to strategy the international connection markets and to increase borrowings with boundaries offered under the type of exterior professional borrowings. In 1978, Hindustan machine tools restricted had offered its debentures to financial 50 % of its loan requirements for the light project. Other PSUs however, did not replicate this example. Many PSUs have brought up short-term financial through professional documents in the post-1990 interval.

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