Are You Afraid of Low Scores in Chemistry?


Atoms joints together to form molecules and different molecules join together to form compounds. But the question arises that how are they held together? The notion of chemical bonding provides information about how atoms and molecules exist together.


Chemical bonding refers to the force that holds or combines the chemical molecules or atoms together. Strength of the bond depends on the molecules or atoms that are involved in the process of bond formation.

Before knowing further let us talk about an important concept known as octet rule that is necessary for good understanding of chemical bonding.

Octet rule: this rule states that atoms must have either eight or multiple of eight electrons in the outermost shell. For example noble gases neon contains eight electrons in its outermost shell and is therefore very stable while in case of fluorine which is not stable contains only seven electrons in the outermost shell.

Based on the way the atoms choose to attain the octet configuration there are four different types of chemical bonds which includes-

  • Ionic bond: this type of bond is formed between atoms with low electron affinity and high electron affinity.
  • Covalent bond: this type of bond is formed between electronegative elements.
  • Metallic bond: This type of bond is formed involving electro positive ions.
  • Co-ordinate bond: this bond is created as bond with properties of ionic bond and covalent bond.


The type and strength of the bond determine the solubility, shape, stability, boiling point and melting point of the molecules. These properties are necessary to carry out the chemical reactions and in knowing the properties of newly identified compounds.

These types of topics are covered under the purview of chemistry. Chemistry is an important branch of science and is difficult too. Students sometimes find difficulty in understanding and learning of the subject. They can’t complete their assignments on time and with perfect accuracy. They want somebody to provide efficient solutions to assignments and thereby clearing their doubts related to subject. Keeping this in mind, Expertsmind provide online chemistry assignment help to the students to support them in their assignments and clear their doubts also. This would help in increasing grades and academic performance of the students.


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