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The time value of money is the value of money figuring in given amount of interest earned over a given period or amount of time. The time value of money is the essential concept in finance theory.

For instance, $200 of today’s money invested for one year and earning 10% interest will be worth $220 after one year. Therefore, $200 paid now or $220 paid exactly one year from now both have the equal value to the recipient who presumes 10% interest; By time value of money terminology, $200 invested for one year at 10% interest has a future value of $220.

All the standard calculations for time value of money obtain from the most basic algebraic expression for the present value of a future sum, “discounted” to the present by an amount equivalent to the time value of money. For instance, a sum of FV to be received in one year is discounted at the rate of interest r to give a sum of PV (at present): PV = FV − r·PV = FV/(1+r).

Several standard calculations based on the time value of money are:

  1. Present value – The current worth of a specified future sum of money.
  2. Present value of an annuity – An annuity is a series of equivalent payments or receipts that take place at evenly spaced intervals. Rental payments and Leases are examples.
  3. Present value of perpetuity – is an infinite and constant stream of similar cash flows.
  4. Future value – is the value of an asset or cash in the future that is equal in value to a specified sum today.
  5. Future value of an annuity (FVA) – is the future value of a series of payments.


Now Get Knowledge Of Traditional Method Used In Cost Accounting

The traditional method of cost accounting tends to the allocation of manufacturing overhead prices to the products manufactured. The traditional method (as well recognized as the conventional method) assigns or allocates the factory’s indirect costs to the items produced on the basis of volume for instance the number of units produced, the direct labor hours, or the production machine hours. We will make use of machine hours in our conversation.

By means of only machine hours to assign the manufacturing overhead to products, it is involving that the machine hours are the primary cause of the factory overhead. Conventionally, that may have been sensible or no less than enough for the company’s outer financial statements. However, in recent decades manufacturing overhead has been driven or caused by a lot of other factors. For instance, some customers are probable to demand additional manufacturing operations for their diverse products. Other customers simply want great quantities of uniform products.

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If a manufacturer desires to know the true cost to manufacture particular products for particular customers, the traditional method of cost accounting is inadequate. Activity based costing (ABC) was developed to defeat the inadequacies of the traditional method. In its place of just one cost driver for example machine hours, ABC will use a lot of cost drivers to assign a manufacturer’s indirect costs. A small number of of the cost drivers that would be used under ABC comprise the number of machine setups; the pounds of material purchased or used the amount of engineering change orders, numerous machine hours and so on.
The limitations of traditional cost allocations

Traditional cost allocations are frequently based on volume for example number of products manufactured, number of unswerving labor hours, number of production machine hours, number of square feet, etc. unluckily, it is becoming additional numerous that the common costs or indirect costs that need allocation are not caused by volume. Additionally we can say that traditional cost allocations are frequently based on something other than the root causes of the costs.

It is feasible that a significant amount of manufacturing overhead may not be sourced by production machine hours, yet the overhead is assigned using those hours. for instance, a few of a manufacturer’s low volume products may need important amounts of engineering changes, extra inspections, frequent machine setups with extraordinarily short production runs, special handling, additional storage and so on. To assign these unique costs to all products on the basis of numerous productions machine hours (in its place of allocating those costs based on their root reasons) will effect in individual product costs that are erroneous and misleading.

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Introduction to DBMS and its Components, Acquire Best Help In DBMS

A database management system (DBMS) is a software package among computer programs to control the creation, maintenance and use of a database. It permits organizations to expediently develop databases for a variety of applications by database administrators (DBAs) and other professionals. A database is an integrated set of data records, files, and other objects. A DBMS permits different user application programs to alongside access the same is a tough subject to complete its assignments so DBMS assignment help is very easy to get online.

DBMS may use a diversity of database models, for example the relational model or object model, to opportunely describe and support applications. It characteristically supports query languages, which are actually high-level programming languages, devoted database languages that considerably make simpler writing database application programs. Database languages as well simplify the database organization in addition to retrieving and presenting information from it. A DBMS gives facilities for controlling data access, enforcing data integrity, managing concurrency control and recovering the database after failures and restoring it from backup files, in addition to maintaining database security.

Database servers are donated computers that hold the actual databases and run only the DBMS and associated software. Database servers are generally multiprocessor computers, with kind memory and RAID disk arrays used for steady storage. Hardware database accelerators, associated to one or more servers by means of a high-speed channel, are also used in large volume transaction processing environments. DBMSs are found at the heart of most database applications. DBMSs may be built approximately a custom multitasking kernel with fixed networking support, but modern DBMSs characteristically rely on a standard operating system to give these functions.

• DBMS engine recognizes logical requests from a variety of other DBMS subsystems, changes them into physical equivalents and actually accesses the database and data dictionary as they exist on a storage device.
• Data definition subsystem helps the user create and maintain the data dictionary and classify the structure of the files in a database.
• Data manipulation subsystem helps the user to add, change and delete in order in a database and query it for valuable information. Software tools within the data manipulation subsystem are most frequently the primary interface among user and the information enclosed in a database. It permits the user to identify its logical information necessities.
• Application generation subsystem grasps facilities to assist users increase transaction-intensive applications. It often requires that the user perform a featured sequence of tasks to process a transaction. It makes easy trouble-free-to-use data entry screens, programming languages, and interfaces.
• Data administration subsystem aids users manage the on the whole database environment by providing facilities for backup and recovery, query optimization, security management, concurrency control, and change management.Assignment help is available online  in many subjects.

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Engineering Problems Not easy to crack Get quick help from experts

In the world around us you monitor many systems that are sets or teams of members recurrently working in harmony to get some pre-set goal. Software is another instance of a system and it is equally compound, if not more, similar to any other system. As software organized for some constructive purpose is usually marked with many a copies crosswise several offices, the software could barely be thought of as an artistic and single-handed creation. It is rather developed with an engineering approach that is characteristically marked with special features similar to multiple components interacting and working in performance, building up a synergy into the software. Engineering assignment help is just a better option online available for students.

A number of key points of software engineering:

1. System is a collection of elements working as one to achieve a common objective. Each system does convinced processing on some input conventional by it and in turn provides out a desired output. System usually does not work in isolation; rather it is always in contact with other systems.
2. All the above surfaces of software make it imperative that the software cannot be and should not be created as a craftwork of a single person, rather it should be expressed with elaborate efforts of a number of people, who are led by an able leader organizing their activities in the light of a schematic project plan chalked out before hand that caters to the cautiously collected requirements of the end recipients or users.

3. Engineering relays to a process that goes by the plan charted in advance with the particular aim of assembling all the pre-thought and made-up constituents that offer a synergic benefit when put into action. The engineering advance also presupposes a skill to track operational aspect to small constituent and down to still smaller sub-components till the precise location of the defect or potential development can be pinpointed for succeeding modifications.

4. Software development usually passes through a variety of phases similar to feasibility study, systems analysis, high level & detailed design, requirements collection, programming (also called as coding), testing and finally the live runs. in future, the software goes into maintenance mode, when it has to experience quite a few updates to adapt to the repeatedly changing business needs.
5. Software engineering is then the art and science of concerning the engineering approach to software development through gathering the user requirements in an exhaustive manner, structuring up the design meticulously.

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How It Is Beneficial To Get Help From Biology Tutors

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Productivity – An Important Concept of Economics Related With Economics Assignments

The growth of productivity that is output per unit of input is the basic determining factor of the growth of a country’s materialistic standard of living. The most commonly mentioning measures are output per worker and output per hour which are the measures of labor productivity or efficiency. One cannot have constant growth in output per person that is the most general measure of a country’s material standard of living without constant growth in output per worker.

Increase in output per hour means reductions in hours for per unit of output. In American car industry, as labor productivity rose during the 1920s, it took fewer and fewer hours to design Model T. then the price of automobiles fell, and the real standard of living of Americans rose.

Another example of productivity is: In 1790, 90 percent of the labor force worked in agriculture. In the year 2000, less than 1.4 percent of the labor force was employed in agriculture, still producing enough for the U.S. population to eat as well as for exports as well. This is possible due to continuing improvements in labor productivity in agriculture.

If the demand for a product or service is price inelastic which means if a given percentage reduce in price results in a lower percentage increase in the quantity demanded then fast productivity improvement can result in workers having to leave the industry. The reason is that industry output, yet if it has risen somewhat, can now be produced with fewer workers. This ultimately became true for grain farming, but not for computers as there the demand is more price elastic. Because the relative price declines produced a big increase in quantity demanded that industry employment has actually increased rather than decreased.

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