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There are so many unsolved anonymities spreading out there in our universe. To solve out these mysteries we have to take hold up of vital branch of Physics, Astrophysics. Astrophysics is that part of astronomy that deals by the physics of universe, as well as the physical properties of celestial objects, in addition to their interactions and behavior. It applies the rules of physics to astronomical bodies so as to help us understand how these bodies formed, how they interact with other bodies and how they cease to be. It can be supposed that the field of astrophysics is very like the fields of astronomy and cosmology. though, astrophysics is a very broad subject, it characteristically applies many regulations of physics, counting mechanics, statistical mechanics, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, relativity, nuclear ,particle physics and atomic and molecular physics.

The main objects as well as under its studies are stars, planets, galaxies, exoplanets, the interstellar medium and the cosmic microwave background. Their emissions are inspected across all parts of the electromagnetic spectrum and the properties examined comprise density, temperature, luminosity and chemical composition.Physics assignment help is easy to get form online physics tutors.

The term is somewhat misleading, as anyone who goes into astronomy these days must be proficient in physics. Because astrophysics now and then deals with theories of the early, compact universe, it can be overlap powerfully with particle physics which gives predictions of how matter would behave in the ancient universe. Though astronomy is as ancient as recorded history itself, it was long alienated from the study of physics. In the Aristotelian worldview, the celestial world leaned towards perfection, bodies in the sky seemed to be just right spheres moving in perfectly circular orbits, while the earthy world seemed intended to imperfection; these two realms were not seen as related.

Some of its most important topics are:

• Birth and death of a star
• The universe and the solar system
• Magnitude of a heavenly body
• Nuclear fission and nuclear fussion

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