Boston College Provides a Wide Range of Educational Opportunities to Students

Boston College is one of the most selective and nation’s best university. U.S. News & World Report ranked Boston College 31st among all national universities and Forbes provides it 26th ranking in 2011 America’s Best Colleges listing.
There would be a major question to students, that why they choose Boston University for higher studies-
1. Advising
Academic advising or counseling is a crucial element for undergraduate education. Boston College provides students with faculty advisors for consultation regarding academic curriculum, research opportunities, and other career issues.
2. The Arts
Boston College contains a rich mix of cultural organizations, including dance troupes, musical performance groups, and theatres, etc ranging from classical to western. This gives immense vitality to students for better performance.
3. Athletics
Boston College’s NCAA Division I athletic program has got sixth rank in the nation for its stellar student-athlete graduation rate. More than half of the undergraduate population participates in the University’s and club sports programs. All the major sports are organized by the university.
4. Education Pattern
Education Pattern followed at university is very creative. Students are given various projects, assignments, and live case studies etc. from the college which are monitored on a regular basis. These assignments are challenging for students. So they can take help from online tutoring services for the assignments and other subject related topics.
5. Campus Dining

Students enjoy quality, convenience, hygiene and flexibility with the University’s meal plan at Boston.
6. Career Center
College Career Center offers students a range of career planning services, beginning from Freshman year and continuing till they become alumni. The Center provides an alumni networking program; online searches for internships and employment and internship recruitment days for positions in Chicago, Boston, New York City, and Washington, DC.
7. Honors Programs

All the four undergraduate divisions at College offers its own
honors program.
8. International Study

Boston College provides students an opportunity to integrate their Boston College coursework with coursework abroad, giving undergraduates a global perspective and exposure in their chosen fields.

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