Dream for MBA – Welcome at Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University

The Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University was founded in 1906, and is ranked as one of the world’s top international business schools by various magazines like Business Week, Forbes, The Economist, Financial Times etc. Desautels Faculty’s historic reputation and innovative programs for excellence continues to attract the talented students and the most prominent professors from all around the globe as well as the most demanding recruiters from the world’s topmost employers. They are preparing their students as global work environment. Study patterns includes various assignments, case studies, projects etc. which are given to students fr their analytical development. Students can take help from various online tutoring services for these assignments such as if he/she face problem in economics then should go for economics assignment help.

How to Apply for the MBA

Student is going to make the right decision while choosing Desautels. The Desautels Faculty of Management MBA is conceptualized for ambitious and high-achieving students who are interested in making a true change in their careers. McGill takes talented applicants with very strong academics base, leadership skills and high managerial potential.

Eligibility criteria for Admissions and decisions are:

  • An undergraduate degree from an affiliated university and any further academic qualifications.
  • Completion of the (GMAT) that is Graduate Management Admissions Test. In addition to this, students who have completed their undergraduate degree from the university where the medium of instruction was not English then they are required to complete the TOEFL or IELTS. Students can take online exam preparation from the internet.
  • At least two years of relevant full time work experience after the completion of undergraduate degree.
  • Essays, extracurricular interests and letters of reference will also be carefully reviewed by the admissions committee.

Only eligible applicants as per the above requirements will be called for an interview with a member of the admission team.


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