Study Patterns at University of Warwick

University of Warwick was established in 1961 after the approval by the government. in 1965, it had received its Royal Charter of Incorporation. It is located on a large 700 acre campus at the boundary between the City of Coventry and the County of Warwickshire. In 1965, University initially took its first 450 undergraduates. But as of now, student population was over 16,646 of which 7009 are postgraduates. 20% of the student population comes from overseas and represented over 125 countries on the campus. The University contains 29 academic departments and over 50 research centres and institutes, mainly in four Faculties: Arts, Medicine, Science and Social Sciences.
Study Patterns at University of Warwick
1. Open Studies- University offers one-year Certificates programme to students which includes a 10-week Introduction to Counseling module. It also provides day schools to be held on campus and in local venues. This programme provides a wide range of subject areas which requires no qualifications and can be studied for pleasure or progression. These curses are open to every individual.
2. Degree Courses – University offers a range of part-time, Foundation and 2+2 Degrees. All the programmes have different entry requirements and study patterns.

• Part-time Degree
It is a flexible programme as per the needs of students who wish to study at their own pace. Students can study from 4 to 10 years taking classes in the day and/or evening.
Students in this type of study can take help from online tutoring services which provides subject help, assignment assistance etc.

• Foundation Degrees
These are generally Part-time degrees with a component of work-based learning. This includes various assignments, projects based on current workplace scenario. Students can take help from online tutoring services for these projects and assignments. Individuals complete these degrees can progress to an Honours degree.

• 2+2 Degrees
This path is generally for those adults who are without formal qualifications and want to work for a university degree. Programme is divided as – 2 years spent at a local college and then the final 2 years at the University of Warwick.

3. Professional Development – This part includes counseling to the students, career studies at the campus, cer4tificates, diplomas etc. Other than that teacher training, educational assessments are also done on a regular basis for student’s professional development. You can get online exam preparation services at internet by various companies.

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