Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behavior is a study that evaluates and elucidates the performance of the workforce acting as individuals and as groups in an organization. It endeavors to affect this knowledge in the successful management of human resources in an organization. Organizational behavior is a discipline that studies the outcome of organizational formation and blueprint, and the changes in the organizational environment on the performance of the workforce. According to Fred Luthans, Organizational behavior is “the understanding, prediction and management of human behavior in organizations.”

Organizational behavior is regarded as an applied science as it offers theoretical concepts that are pertinent to real life situations. The understanding and information gained with regard to the organizational behavior practices of one organization may be applied to numerous organizations. Thus, organizational behavior can be described as the methodical study and application of human characteristics in the management of an organization.

Several sciences like psychology, sociology, philosophy, political sciences, and economics along with research studies contribute to the constant improvement and development of organizational behavior as a scientific discipline.

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