Informational Roles

Informational Roles

On the basis of a study of Henry Mintzberg on five executives to determine the set of attributes or behavior of the managers, he grouped 10 roles of the manager intointerpersonal, informational and decisional. In the following paragraph we would be discussing the informational roles in detail.

The informational role considers the fact that all the managers extract certain amount of the information from the other institutions or organizations to make their opinion or decision. Generally this information is extracted by reading publications and periodicals or/and discussing with other people to discover the changes in the public’s tastes, what competitors may be planning, and the like.  This role was called as the monitor role by the Mintzberg. The information so collected by the manager is then transferred to the organizational members which is called the disseminator role. Also the managers perform aspokesperson role when they represent the organization to outside.

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