Interpersonal Roles

Interpersonal Roles

On the basis of a study of Henry Mintzberg on five executives to determine the set of attributes or behavior of the managers, he grouped 10 roles of the manager into interpersonal, informational and decisional. In the following paragraph we would be discussing the interpersonal roles in detail.

The interpersonal roles expect the manager to perform duties in the symbolic and the ceremonial nature. This could be illustrated through an example: When the factory supervisor gives a group of students, the tour of the plant he or she is acting in a figurehead role. Every manager also has a leadership role. Under the leadership role the manager is expected to hire, train, motivate and discipline the employees. Another role in the interpersonal role is the liaison role. Mintzberg said that liaison role consists of relating to others outside the group or organization. This must be kept in mind that all the interpersonal roles also engross behavioral process. So the three roles that are group under interpersonal roles are:

  • Figurehead role
  • Leadership role
  • Liaison role

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