What is Consumer Behaviour

Consumer Behaviour

This particular aspect of marketing management describes about the behaviour of a consumer in the present market situation. It follows all the instructions to be used while dealing with modern consumers. After analyzing this aspect, you will be able to describe key factors that influence consumer behaviour, you can distinguish between the types of buying behaviour that consumer exhibit, analyze the stages of the buying process and assess the role of marketing in influencing behaviour at various stages of decision making.

The aim of marketing is to meet the needs of target markets profitably. Consumer behaviour studies how consumers search for, purchase, use, evaluate and dispose off products and services that they expect will satisfy their needs.

Understanding consumers and “knowing why consumers do what they do” is very complex. Customers may say one thing and mean another. They may not be aware of their own deepest motivations and may respond to influences in very impulsive ways. To understand deepest motivations and may respond to influences in very impulsive ways. To understand consumers, marketing theorists have borrowed concepts from other scientific disciplines such as Psychology (study of an individual), sociology (study of groups), social psychology (study of how an individual operates in groups), anthropology (influence of society on groups) and economics to form a new marketing discipline known as consumer behaviour.

The field of consumer research has emerged as an important area of marketing research, to enable marketers to predict how consumers will react to messages and to understand why they make the purchase decisions they do.

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