Computer Science Assignment Help

Computer Science Assignment Help

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Computer Science Computing science is a subject that involves theoretical fundamentals of computation and techniques for the systematic implementation in computer systems. It’s a process in which a programmer creates algorithmic processes that are used for creating, describing, and converting information and put together appropriate abstractions to design multifaceted systems.

The subject of Computer science has many sub-branches – computer graphics, computational complexity theory etc.-etc. The different disciplines in computer Science have different functionalities, like ‘Programming Language Theory’ works to explain computations, while ‘Computer Programming’ uses certain languages in order to solve particular computational problems, and ‘Human-Computer Interaction’ addresses the challenges in developing computers and making computations more useful to humans.


Branches of Computer Science –

Theoretical computer science

Theory of computation

Information and coding theory

Algorithms and data structures

Programming language theory

Formal methods

Concurrent, parallel and distributed systems

Databases and information retrieval

Applied computer science

Artificial intelligence

Computer architecture and engineering

Computer graphics and visualization

Computer security and cryptography

Computational science

Information science

Software engineering 

Computer Science Assignments – As Computer Science itself is a vast field with many different areas, the topics of Computer Science assignment also depends on the particular field a student is studying.

Some common topics that are used for computer science assignment are –

Digital Imaging

Object Oriented Programming

Principles of E-Commerce


Operating System and Its Concept

Dbms and Its Applications


Data Link Layer



Pointers etc.-etc. 

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Heat Transfer Assignment Help

Heat can be transferred from one place to another by three different methods: conduction, convection and radiation. Conduction usually occurs in solids convection in liquids and gases. No medium is required for radiation.

Thermal conduction if A is area of cross-section of a conductor I its length K thermal conductivity T1 and T2temperatures at two ends, ten rate of transfer of heat dQ / dt or thermal current is given by

dQ / dt = KA(T2 – T1) /1 = – KA dT / dx

Temperature gradient dT / dx is negative in the direction of heat flow.

Comparing it with ohm’s law in electricity I = V/R

I thermal = dQ / dt Vthermal = T1 – T2 and Rthermal = 1 / KA

Laws of resistance in series and parallel as in electricity are valid in thermal resistance s also, it is believed that current carriers (free electrons) and heat carriers are same because all electrical conductors are also thermal conductors. In general metals are better thermal conductors than liquids and gases as metals have large number of free electrons.

Thermometric conductivity (D) it is the ratio of thermal conductivity to thermal capacity per unit volume. Thus thermometric conductivity or diffusivity is

D= K/pC where K —–> thermal conductivity 

P —-> density

C —–> specific heat Cv

Thermal conductivity K of gases K = 1 / 3 V av λp cV

= Dp Cv where D = 1 / 3 v av λ is diffusion coefficient and

λ = 1/2 πd2n is mean free path

{d—> effective diameter of a molecule

{n –> number of molecules / volume

Wiedemann-franz law Tiedemann and Franz have shown that at a given temperature T, the ratio of thermal conductivity K) to electrical conductivity (σ) is constant

That is,

K/σT = constant 

Ingen’s –housz experiment: Ingen Housz showed that if the number of identical rods of different metals are coated with wax an one of their ends is put in baling water, then in steady state the square of length of the bar over which wax melts is directly proportional to the thermal conductivity of the metal. That is, 

K/L2 = constant 

Thermal resistances in series

R = R1 + R2

I1 + I2 / Keff Aeff + I1 / K1 A1 + I2 / K2 A2

If A1 = Aand I1 = I1

Then 2/Keff = 1/K1 + 1/K2

Thermal resistances in parallel

1/R = 1/R+ 1/R2

K eff Aeff/1 = K1 A1 / 1 + K2 A2 / 1

Or Keff Aeff = K1 A1 + K2 A

And Keff = K1 + k2/2

If the area of cross-section is equal then

Aeff = A1 + A2 + 2A

Growth of ice in a pond

dQ= KA 0 – ( – θ) / y dy = dQ= mL = PAdyL

Or dy / dt = Kθ / pL x 1 / y or 1 = pL y/ Kθ2

The ratio of times for thicknesses 0 to y : y to 2y : 2y to 2y : : 1 : 3 : 5 

In a shell of radius rand r2

dQ / dt = K 4πr1 r2 / (r2 – r2) (θ1 – θ2)

Thickness of the shell (r2 – r1) = K4πr2θ / dQ/ dt

Where r1 = r2 = r and θ1 – θ= θ

In a cylinder of length I, radii r1 and r2

dQ / dt = 2πK I ( θ1 –n θ2)

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Design Components Review Software Engineering Help

Design Components Review

As already explained, design consists of four major ingredients. They are ERD and table design, program specifications, codification scheme and input & output layouts. We will now have a look at these individual design elements for their review procedures.

1. Review of ERD & Table Design

The review starts with checking the syntactical rules drawing the ERD. It then finds out whether all the user requirements are reflected in the ERD and tables. ERD needs to be in harmony with the tables.

The rules for normalization and primary as well as foreign keys also come under the lens. Of deviations are observed, they need to be substantiated with practical justifications. Reasonableness of fields about their compute-or-store dilemma has to be ensured.

Consistency of similar fields/attributes is to be examined. If one of the address fields/attributes is specified with a width of 50 characters, all the addresses in the database should follow the suit.

An exceptional case is one more point to be noted. If there are some out-of-box entries or records, they must be either taken out of the automation preview or else accommodated in the system design that mar the implementation due to lack of discretion in computers.

2. Program Specifications

The program specifications have to be looked at for their exhaustiveness, so that nothing is left out and user requirements are not kept hanging.

Secondly all the programs taken together must project an overall functionality of the proposed system, implying the need for a neat (either serial or parallel) path of execution in terms of one program after other.

Thirdly, each program specification should be presented in a uniform manner. For example, starting with the program name, it should go ahead with the purpose explained in a small paragraph, the positioning of the program in the whole system, the run time inputs it excepts from the users, the files it handles with their respective read/write/re-write/view/print mode, reports it throws out, etc.

3. Codification Scheme

Codes are to be inspected on various counts. Firstly, the new code insertion should be as minimal as possible. Secondly, the codes should be meaningful and simple to use without any burden on the users to remember. Codes should help in sorting and re-shuffling of the data files. Future scope for expansion is one more feature of the codes.

4. Input & Output Layouts

Input and Output layouts pose a sizeable task for review. There are some common features to both inputs and outputs like their user friendliness, mapping well with the erstwhile patterns to facilitate the ease of use, concise & crisp layout, simplicity in reading navigation and avoiding the cluttered view.

Specific points about input are that input forms should be well mappable with the paper form providing effortless feeding operations, ample notes and prompts for users to fill up, clipping/file margins on left margin, meaningful and yet short titles of the form, etc. for electronic forms, some more features are to be ensured, like continuous guiding and prompting to users with messages on the last line on the screen, context sensitive help, validation at the field and/or file level, etc.

Outputs must be adhere to the common sense rules like printing data, time, location, the name of the user generating the report, totals of relevant numeric items at the page-end, group-end and report-end, etc. Programs for printed reports should prompt the users to load appropriate stationary like pre-printed forms, multi-part paper with carbon inserted, etc. Likewise, programs for on-screen report should look into screen specific GUI standard described elsewhere. offers software engineering assignment help, homework help and projects help.

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Statistical Quality Control Assignment Help

In this era of ever-growing competition it has become absolutely necessary for a businessman to keep a continuous watch over the quality of the goods produced. Having one bought the product, if the consumers feel satisfied with regard to its quality, price, etc, a king of goodwill for the product is developed which helps to crease the sales. However, if the consumers are not happy with the quality of the product and their complaints are not given proper attention. It shall be impossible for the manufacturer to continue in the market, either he would have to improve the quality or else be forced to quit the market to other producers who might stat capturing the market by offering better quality;

Although the need for maintaining and improving quality standard is growing with increasing competition, the idea of quality control is not a new one. For centuries, highly-skilled artisans have striven to make products distinctive through superior quality, and once a standard of quality was achieved to eliminate, in so far as possible, all variability between products that were nominally alike. What is new about quality control is the use of statistical techniques which are helpful in maintaining and improving quality standards- hence the term statistical quality control. Statistical quality control abbreviated as S.Q.C. involves the statically analysis of the inspections data, which is based on sampling and the principles involved in normal curve. These techniques were developed by W.A. Shewhart working for the Bell Telephone Co. in America; the problem he solved was that of checking on the consistency of manufacture of a very large number of components. The idea that statistics might be instrumental in controlling the quality of the manufactured products goes back to 1920’s and 1930’s but it was not until the pressure of the production needs developed during the period of World War II that its value was fully appreciated. These days, the statistical quality control is used to some extent in virtually every kind of industry. In fact, it has become an integral and permanent part of management controls.

Some of its main topics are:

1. Acceptance sampling
2. Statistical quality control advantages
3. Control charts
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Microeconomics homework help

Homework help provides a special addition of Microeconomics homework help. It includes all branches of Microeconomics with their all important topics. Homework help provides every solution related to any problem of Microeconomics. Let us now discuss what Microeconomics is and why it used for.

Homework help describes Microeconomics as the aims to assist the reader to develop a thorough understanding of the concepts and theories underlying Microeconomics in a systematic way. To accomplish this purpose, the recent thinking in the field of finance has been presented in a most lucid, simple, unambiguous and precise manner.

Microeconomics studies the economic actions and behavior of individual units and small groups of individual units. In microeconomic theory we discuss how the various cells of economic organism that is the various units’ o f the economy such as thousands of consumers, their economic activities and reach their equilibrium states. In other words in microeconomics we not study the economy in its totality. Instead, in microeconomics we discuss equilibrium if innumerable units of the economy piece meal and their inter-relationship to each other. Thus microeconomics consists of looking at the economy through a microscope, as it were, to see how the firms as producers play their part in the working of the whole economic organization. For instance there go on to derive the market demand for the goods (that is demand of a group of individual consuming the particular good). Likewise, microeconomic theory studies the behavior of the individual firms in regard to the fixation of price and output and their reactions to the

changes in the demand and supply conditions. From there we go on to establish price output fixation by an industry (Industry means a group of firms producing the same product).

Thus microeconomic theory seeks to determine the mechanism by which the different economic units attain the position of equilibrium, proceeding from the individual units to a narrowly defined group. Microeconomic analysis concerns itself with narrowly defined groups since it does not study the totally of behavior of all units in the economy. In other words the study of economic system of economy as a whole lies outside the domain of microeconomic analysis.

Some of its main topics are:

1. Scope and methodology of economics

2. The theory of demand

3. The theory of production and cost

4. Theory of firm and pricing in different market structures

5. Factor pricing and income distribution

6. General equilibrium analysis and welfare economics

7. Intertemporal analysis and choice under uncertainty

8. Price discrimination and oligopoly

9. Profit and selling costs

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Marketing Assignment Help | Homework Help

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Marketing is an integrated process through which companies create value for customers and build strong customer relationships order to capture value from customers in return. An effective brand strategy will create a unique identity that will differentiate you from the competition. However many businesses skip this step in the start-up process because it’s often the most challenging and time consuming.

Debt Scenario of economics in 1980s

Table 25.7 presents a summary of India’s external debt scenario in the 1980s based on RBI Task Force estimates. As the table shows,’ India’s external debt burden increased continuously from $ 2~.50 billion in 1.980-81 to $ 67.58 billion I m 1991-92, i.e., an increase of about 3 times over a period of 11 years. The ratio of external debt to GDP increased from 13.7 per cent in 1980-81 to 27.3 per cent in 991-92. It means that country’s debt burden increased at a faster rate than the increase in its GDP.

Note: Figures till 1988-89 are not strictly comparable with figures thereafter. Source: Economics Survey, MoF, Government of India (several issues).

The debt servicing problem increased nearly four-fold between 1980-81 and 1991-92. What is more important is the fact that the ratio of debt servicing to total receipts increased rapidly from 9.3 per cent in 1980-81 to 24.6 per cent in 1991-92.

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