Some important tips to enhance assignment writing

No Doubt assignment writing is a crucial criterion for the students to get better scores in their studies, thus preparing a quality and excellence assignment is must for each student. However the truth is that the majority of the student gets puzzled from getting lots of assignment at the same time and therefore fails in finishing any of those within the deadline.

Consequently, it is essential for the students to get help from assignment writing professionals and experts in order to do their assignments efficiently. Despite the consequences of the fact that there are different companies engaged in offering online assignments help service to help students in finishing and submitting their assignments on given time and according to the rules given by their tutors. Now, we are sharing here some tips or techniques by our expert writers that not only help students to end up their assignment timely but also ensure them better scores.

Following are the tips to be considered while handling an assignment:

  1. Select your assignment topic

If your topic has various features, then a very effective assignment writing techniques is to note it down to a particular area, and don’t forget to make clear it in the introduction. Therefore, this will turn assignment easier to understand and read than if you try to cover everything separately. Moreover, this will definitely shows the expert quality of your work. In case, if you are going to choose your own topic, make sure it is something you find interesting. Therefore, in this way your search will become easier and your enthusiasm will be simply passed on to your readers.

  1. Do your research attentively

It is very essential to make sure to spend sufficient time looking into all sides of your assignment topic carefully. Try to explore as much relevant material as possible along with noting it down in the way you are comfortable. Also try to note down the areas which you find supportive in writing your assignment; i.e. author, book and article title.

  1. Write down the key ideas

Once you have finished researching your topic, sum up the main ideas you have noted. Do not copy the words of others make sure to write it down by your own only collect valuable thoughts from functional areas. Regardless the highly important assignment writing tips are whatever you write, ensure you never plagiarism other person’s material.

First write the crucial structure of your assignment along with imperative headings to explain each major point. While writing makes sure the sequence of your structure is right by putting the most vital point first, followed by the next most main point, and so on. After it, write your research summaries under each heading.

  1. Draft the body of assignment

In this part write in detail your ideas and thoughts on the desired title, and complete the summary part you wrote before. In the starting of each point include the evidence supporting your writing together with the main point you like to include. A technique to write a fine assignment is to make sure that your title is informative and interesting. Try to end each heading with some kind of conclusion plus lead in to the tone of next title.

  1. Track on academic rules

Once you start with your assignment writing, you have to keep particular facets in your mind comprising the educational guidelines as rules. These comprise right skills of objectivity, formatting, technically and grammatically accurate content. These protocols are very important for the process of writing.

  1. Manage your time

Professional and experienced writers always manage their time. They follow homework writing with preparing the plan of argument, maintain write-ups, procuring a trivial research, begin writing the same day and then go on further with the wide-ranging research. If you process as per the same technique you will always be capable of managing the time accordingly producing genuineness and high-quality standard.

  1. Editing and proof-reading

In the end, after completion of the homework you must edit if necessary and proof-read the whole homework and get it done from somebody else in order to bring exactness.

  1. Write assignment conclusions

At the start of this part ensure to briefly nut shell the conclusions and results of your research. Express the reader what your main aim is, and why. At the end of the assignment don’t forget to check up and format your references.

Ending your assignment with a memorable and thought provoking statement that is relevant to your title is the best way and a great assignment writing tips.

Surely these tips will lend a hand to write a well structured assignment, unless you don’t forget to proofread and edit your assignment thoroughly to make sure that there is no grammar, spelling and punctuation errors remain in your homework. You can also get online assignment help service for your homework.

Mathematically formulate an integer linear programming model

a) Mathematically formulate an integer linear programming model for Dr. Konur’s problem by defining your decision variables, and expressing your objective and objective function, and constraints using your decision variables. Combine everything to get the final formulation.

b) Answer the following questions independent of each other and without solving the problem and explain your reasoning briefly.

a. If Dr. Konur could assign a fractional number of policemen to any shift, would that increase costs? Yes or No or Maybe? Explain your answer briefly.

b. If Dr. Konur had to assign at least 20 policemen to shift 1, would that increase costs? Yes or No or Maybe? Explain your answer briefly.

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Is online tutoring precise For Your education approach

Everybody knows about eLearning and online tutoring. It’s everywhere, it’s trendy and it surrounds us. Maybe you are an aspiring college student or a busy professional and you are considering taking online tutoring for a test drive. But you may be contemplating taking the plunge as you have heard that eLearning only works for particular learning techniques. The truth of the matter is eLearning can be a great fit for every type of learners if you go about it in the right way. Read on to discover your personal learning technique, explain why online tutoring can work for you and how it can be catered to fit your requirements.

When it comes to learning techniques, people fit into three major categories. These learning styles include visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. If you aren’t exactly sure what type of learner you are, this post can give you some huge insights. It is exceptionally valuable to know your preferred and most effective, learning technique because it equips you with the knowledge of what works best for you as well as how to adjust your surroundings and implement strategies to be the most successful you probably can be. You will possibly see that you fall into one main category and have small tendencies to the others as well.

Let’s go over exactly what each learning technique means:

Auditory Learners are equipped to study best during their sense of hearing. Potential uniqueness of an auditory learner contain enjoyment in reading aloud, ability to explain subjects well to others, capability to go after spoken directions well and enjoyment in giving oral reports or being on stage.

Visual Learners have the capability to work best by utilizing their keyed-in sense of sight. Visual learners tend to require quiet study time, be good at spelling, enjoy things like fashion and color, understand diagrams and charts well and rely upon visual aids during session.

Kinesthetic Learners are those who learn best through experience and performing tasks. These types of learners tend to be better at repairing things, may be easily distracted and are less affected by background noise and like engaging in role play activities that aid in learning.

Are you beginning to get a better understanding of which kind of learner you are yet? Read on for more tips and information on how to be successful based upon your individual learning technique.

Auditory learners love using mnemonic devices in order to memorize significant information while studying. Have you ever heard the slogan “My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Noodles?” That’s a mnemonic device and it’s used to memorize the names of the planets in our solar system: Venus, Mercury, Earth, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Pluto and Uranus. Other effective strategies for this learning style include listening to demonstrations and videos, listening to recorded session or reading aloud to one self. For an auditory learner, making up jingles or rhymes to remember important information can also be a highly effective strategy. You can even download sessions to your iPod by iTunesU. Learning online gives you a plethora of access to audio recordings, videos, podcasts and audio textbooks. Many online tutoring programs will supply you with access to many auditory-friendly learning tools and some programs may already have them already incorporated into the curriculum.

Visual learners like using drawings and diagrams and because this enables them to get a mental picture of important information so they can file it away for later use. For these kinds of learners, it is easier to memorize a visual piece than a group of words. Visual learners can have much accomplishment during strategies such as color coding their drawing up outlines, notes, and mind maps to organize information, watching videos and building PowerPoint presentations. Since most information is presented through a text format or through some other visual aid, the visual learner’s requirements are catered to in online tutoring formats and these individuals are able to soak up new information quite easily.

Kinesthetic learners prefer hands-on learning, so you may be surprising how it is likely for this type of learner to thrive in a distance learning plan.  The solution is that many online tutoring programs are beginning to realize the need to cater more specifically to the hands-on learning style.  These kinds of learners can also get help from engaging in exercise while reading class notes or materials. They should look for classes that give students the chance to participate in thought-provoking discussions, experiments, at-home labs, completing research projects or exploring the web.  It can also be beneficial for a kinesthetic learner to be assigned activities in which they have to go out into the real world to do assignments and then report their reactions and findings to their peers in a forum.  Engaging or Interactive tasks will help the kinesthetic learner reach their maximum potential and have the highest level of success in their learning endeavors.

HR Management- Which plant should the company downsize

British Wallboard, the parent company of Stonewall, had seen enough of the Canadian construction materials market and decided to sell the company. They sold it to US Corp, an American company with a Canadian subsidiary, the Canadian Wallboard Company. The plan was that Stonewall and Canadian Wallboard Company would merge into one organization. The news of this plan terrified the senior team at Stonewall. They had enjoyed a significant sense of independence under British Wallboard and now they felt they would be micro managed by US Corp or turned into just another ‘branch plant’.

Review the Case Study, then answer the following questions. Prepare your answers according to the “General Instructions for Written Assignments”, and consult the Timeline for the due date for this assignment.

1. In 1982 it seems the company will have to downsize. What are the factors that are forcing the company to make that decision?

2. What alternatives should the company explore prior to making its downsizing decision?

3. Which plant should the company downsize? Why?

4. Explain, in detail, the implications of the downsize decision.

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Managerial Economics- The equilibrium price and quantity

The demand and supply functions for sweatshirts (the basic grey kind) are as follows:

Demand Supply

Quantity Quantity

Demanded Supplied

Price (per period) Price (per period)

$10 15,000 $10 22,000
9 15,500 9 19,000
8 16,000 8 16,000
7 16,500 7 13,000
6 17,000 6 10,000
5 17,500 5 7,000
4 18,000 4 4,000
3 18,500 3 1,000
2 19,000 2 0

a. Graph the demand and supply functions for sweatshirts and find the equilibrium price and quantity.

  1. What effect will an increase in the price of gym shoes (a complement) have on the equilibrium price and quantity of sweatshirts, all else constant? Illustrate the effect using your graph.
  2. What effect will a wage increase for workers in the sweatshirt industry have on the equilibrium price and quantity of sweatshirts, all else constant? Illustrate the effect using your graph.

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Get Acceptance to Best U.S. Online Graduate Engineering Programs

While earning engineering course in the United States can be a best way for international scholars to sharpen their technical and English skills and gain cultural exposure, not everyone has the choice to quit their job or move their family overseas.

For students with restricted mobility, online education will be a more sensible alternative. In 2014, international students made up about 7 percent of the 12,870 students who pursued engineering degrees at the master’s programs ranked by U.S. News.

Admissions at the most prestigious online graduate engineering programs will be ranging, competitive anywhere from 44 percent to 90 percent at the top most schools, U.S. News data show. Like their U.S. peers, international scholars will need to have great grades, stellar references and strong test scores to get into those programs. In some cases, therefore, school officials look at applications from international students through a different lens.

When it comes to international student’s applications, admissions officials say English proficiency is their primary concern. The ability to write well is important in all degree programs, but mainly for online students, who need to give even more time writing than their on-ground counterparts, they say.

Most online engineering schools need international students to have certain scores on exams such as the Test of English as TOEFL or a Foreign Language, for admission. But that is not the only way students should be prepared to show their English, says Dale Harris, executive director of engineering professional education—Lafayette.

Engineering graduate programs that need the GRE tend to put most of their emphasis on quantitative scores, he says. But international students could be wise to also prioritize their writing and verbal scores, even if they do nice on the language tests.

“In our case we do not have cutoff scores or anything like this, but if we’re dealing with a student whose admissibility is marginal, we might take a look at those things,” says Harris. “They are maybe a little more important.”

At University of Bridgeport, where 70% of online engineering students are international, the GRE also plays a big role in the admissions process, says administrator Justin Hume.

“Because of the inconsistency in international education, we put a bit more impact on standardized tests scores,” says Hume, assistant director of international admissions for all courses. “It’s different but it levels the playing field for all kids.”

In addition to having strong English writing skills, international students could also speak the language fluently, experts say. At Purdue, for instance, students are expected to participate in group main projects, so knowledge of English is important key, Harris says.

“With written materials, someone would hire someone to correct their materials,” he says. “But in the verbal interview we get a better understanding of who they are – their ability to interact meaningfully with someone remotely.”

In addition to English proficiency, outsiders should also take how their employment might affect their admissions chances. In some online graduate engineering programs, for instance, international students who are previously working at a well-known company have a distinct advantage.

Students working for big companies have, in a sense, been vetted already by their employers, she says. The arrangement also makes sure students have access to the appropriate technical equipment for the program.

“Students can be in some small town is some country, and if they don’t have the right connectivity, we want to ensure they can be successful,” she says. “Generally those things can be satisfied if the student is working for a corporation.”

Assessing final projects is mainly useful for evaluating students from that region because various students are required to produce work that is of publishable quality before graduating.

Regardless of how students get accepted into online engineering courses, administrators agree that their attendance is in high demand.

“Having an international group is valuable to everyone, because now in the workforce teams are so global,” Harris says.

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Dissertation will make admission in top university



Dissertation writing help service for students is one kind of beneficiary service in this they need to get some guidance from experts to solve their problems. As this time students are getting pressurised by their teachers and universities as well as their parents to complete their dissertation and assignment because the academic year 2013 – 2014 is going to be end in few months so they need to complete their task as soon as so they get some time to prepare for their viva in that they will asked various questions from their dissertation. Various different forms of this service are provided by various vendors different forms are short dissertation services, custom dissertation writing service and many more. All are almost similar difference are based on the user’s requirements.

 Thesis and dissertation, both papers are playing a serious role in the making of the students profile to get job to make their future successful. Some universities are putting dissertation as mandatory for the students those are applied for the research program, it is because of the thinking of the teachers that a students has already done dissertation can do further research in an effectively

A process to improve your skills under the assistance of professional experts



In school or college, students have generally written thesis and compositions that are not completely their own writing, but borrowed from some essay books, expansions to their textbooks, or references provided by their teachers, so on.  Though, writing a dissertation is completely different from writing an essay. Dissertation writing help service is an entirely new procedure that is exceptional in each and every way. It releases the prospects of student’s academic knowledge and puts together all our research papers giving them a completely new point of view from thinking as a student to a professional.

Writing a dissertation requires great effort. A student may sometimes find himself stuck at a point, or he will not be able to understand how to begin or from where to start the project. In such conditions, it is beneficial to get the help of dissertation writing experts who are experienced enough to assist him with the dissertation.

Dissertation writing help not only polishes a student’s writing skills, but also develop his analytical skills. Furthermore, it expands his world outlook and increases the literary skills. Finally, he may feel confident about starting to write independently, or arise with an idea to begin his assignment to his own.

A carefully written and prepared dissertation, that covers all main components essential for making an impressive document, might prove to be quite valuable in giving student’s career a boost. Thus, it is possible that a very well completed dissertation can be his way in to a successful career.

Dissertations help to enhance the academic expertise



Formation of dissertation is the last stage in every student’s academic career. Success of the project is depending on the topic we select and the manner in which we write the thesis. This is the key reason that students select custom dissertation writing service for their projects. The student should show maturity and academic prowess in the format of dissertation. This sometimes puts a lot of burden on student who is not able to write the dissertation as expected to him. They have their own experienced professors regarding to the subject who have many years of experience in that field. Each dissertation is guaranteed to be unique, exclusive and written precisely as per instructions and specifications. Dissertation writing is completed by professionals in a different than the ones written studying in the colleges. Services provide customized services in accordance to the need and requirements of each student.

Dissertation writing services give a student an opportunity to get the assistance of reputable company that take the results of student and then write a quality academic dissertation. Hence this will help a student to get good marks in academics as well as grab a piece of information and knowledge related to the subject.

Dissertation help is bit different from other study strategies in order to pass in an examination. These services have a set of important writing and research skills.

Limitation and advantages of previously done research in your dissertation



While thinking of doing dissertation it essential to k now about the previously done research on the topic which you chosen for your dissertation because it will help you to know about the subject as well you will get a path on which you start your dissertation to finish it meanwhile if you are facing issues to in the completion of the dissertation you can hire custom dissertation writing service from the experts that will let you what are the limitations and advantages of previously done dissertation. Here some limitations and advantages of previously done dissertation on the same subject you have selected for your dissertation.

Limitations are. 1) You are not able to understand d the calculations (if any) not mentioned which method has been used because the values may vary if calculated by different methods or algorithm. 2) You have to add new things to make your dissertation valuable because previously done things will not put any impact on readers. 3) If any false calculation or approximation has been chosen in previously don dissertation you need to find that and mention it and then begin yours. Fe advantages of previously done dissertation are 1) you need not to think about the topic 2) dissertation formatting and length is no more headache for the students because all these things would be same for new dissertation


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